Best widgets API for use with XAVIER / CUDA / OpenCV (e.g. Qt, GTK)

I’m writing a C++ application to do real-time image processing on Xavier. Some of the code is written for the GPU and compiled with nvcc. We’re also using OpenCV

What’s the recommended GUI interface library in terms of integration with CUDA and OpenCV? I need to draw an image stream at 30FPS+ without too much CPU overhead. Qt seems like an obvious choice because of its popularity, but will it play nice with CUDA modules compiled with nvcc?


We would suggest try gstreamer + cv::gpu::gpuMat. Please refer to:

Actually, most of the application is written but we are currently streaming the results to a browser. I’d like to replace that browser interface with a native interface on the Ubuntu desktop, so I need windows, buttons, mouse and keyboard events etc. I’m not looking for a media pipeline, just a GUI like Qt or GTK. Just wondered which is the easiest to integrate with CUDA / OpenCV libraries.