Can we run python GUI in jetson without using ubuntu desktop


I am using the jetson nano production module for my face recognition product. I am using kivy front end for user interface. i have flashed jetpack latest version in it using sdk manager and it also installed ubuntu desktop. now i am running out of space in it. so i want to remove ubuntu desktop which consumes around 4GB space. and i want to connect through ssh alone.

Now my doubt is that, if i remove the ubuntu desktop then if i run my python script through ssh, will kivy GUI open in my attached hdmi display or not ?

You may consider to use LXDE. Please check
Save 1GB of Memory! Use LXDE on your Jetson - JetsonHacks

For having more freespace, please refer to
DS app running on SD, not running on eMMC - Part II - #5 by DaneLLL

If you don’t need CUDA or TensorRT, you can do only this step:

$ sudo apt remove --purge thunderbird* libreoffice* chromium*


My question is that, can we use python kivy GUI without ubuntu desktop or LXDE etc?

I have installed all the libraries in my current ubuntu desktop. if i switch it LXDE, will all libraries installed will be there as same or deleted?

Is kivy GUI independent of X11? If it is independent of X11, it should be fine to disable Ubuntu desktop.

If it is dependent to X11 and you don’t want Ubuntu desktop, you can disable Ubuntu desktop and execute xinit. See if kivy GUI works in this environment.