Headless Nano Putty SSH session on PC shows only terminal session, not desktop

I am running a Jetson Nano 2g 4.6 headless from a PC using Putty’s SSH session. The Jetson is running code-oss (VSC), but Putty shows only a terminal window and NOT the desktop. How can I run headless and see and use the Jetson’s desktop? It appears to be possible as I’ve watched YouTube videos of this being done. Any help much appreciated! Bob Shaw.

Hi @user58062 ,

Did you see the user made tutorial on headless mode in our Jetson forums?

Maybe that might help you.

You can also search specifically in those forums to find other questions and solutions for that topic.

On that note I will also move your topic to the Jetson Nano forums to get your question better visibility by other Jetson users. I hope that is ok.


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