how to configure nano in headless mode?

The documentation provided fails (returns vino-preferences: command not found)

and desktop sharing application is crashing…

There is an issue with GNOME desktop schemas to stop config of vino.

You can follow “Enabling Desktop Sharing” in this article to fix this issue–>

Or you can follow this article to config vino from pure command lines–>

I wrote a short tutorial on how to remove the Ubuntu Desktop environment on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit single board computer to make it run in headless mode. Maybe someone will find it useful for using the Jetson Nano as a machine learning capable server using CUDA.


thanks for the link. This is what i have been searching for.

two questions:

  1. can nvgstplayer play video without the Desktop environment?
  2. how to use the nvgstplayer to play video without the window title bar?