Different OS on Jetson Nano

I would like to ask if it is possible to install different OS on Jetson Nano. Like Ubuntu18.10, Lubuntu, or so? I used to use that Nvidia Ubuntu 18.04 with gdm3, but it eats too much RAM(1.1GB), so I installed LXDE display manager with desktop environment, but It’s too ugly :D , so I tried lxqt, but it doesn’t seems to work… (If anybody has a good manual to install please tell me) So I’m trying like completely new OS… Or If anybody knows some “low-ram-usage” desktop environment for Nano - which will work on that aarch64, please tell me. I’m doing a deep-learning there, So I’m happy for every megabyte of free RAM - I would like to have something that is < 900MB

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Hi dakurtz422,

We don’t have other OS version than current provided, may other developers share experience if they done similar things.

I think you’ll do better with a different window manager setup on Ubuntu 18.04 than trying to make another system work.

That being said: What’s the problem with LXDE being ugly? If you need the RAM, that seems like a reasonable compromise.

You should be able to switch to xbuntu by running this command:

sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop

And follow the instructions on screen.

If you are concerned about memory and don’t care about the GUI at all, you can switch X off entirely and run headless with:


sudo systemctl isolate multi-user.target


sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target

You will still be able to access consoles via HDMI (switch between ttys with ctrl+number) and run X applications remotely via ssh -X or putty and VcXsrv / XMing even if X is not running on the Nano itself. While this will not work well for graphics heavy applications (3d, video) it will work fine for running an ide like VS Code remotely.

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@mdegans Thanks! I will try xubuntu-desktop. Im still not sure about headless because I’m using also stuffs like selenium and I’m not sure how it will work without gui

Chromium should be able to launch with a headless flag. Please see here:

I’ve never set up, but I know it’s possible as I have a friend who uses it for web scraping.

@mdegans wow! So there should be not problem to try it, I will try temporary for the first time, or maybe try to use it when doing deeplearning, and GUI for the other stuffs, anyway thanks!

Yw. Have fun!

I just bought a nano 2G, and I’ve burned the image to the SD card. the default OS is Leightweight XII Desktop Environment now? How to get the ubuntu back?

The OS is still Ubuntu, no change there. NVIDIA changed the default desktop environment from default Unity/GNOME to LXDE because it is not possible to run the default with only 2 GB Ram. Well, it is technically possible, but you would have about 300 MB RAM free, less than a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Not even Canonical (Ubuntu’s developer company) advises that, asking for a minimal of a 4GB RAM on the Raspberry Pi 4 to run stock Ubuntu.