Display challenges when booting 2GB Jetson Nano

Hello, I have a new Jetson Nano 2GB. I am going through the setup process, and I discovered that when I reboot, after the initial configuration, gdm3 doesn’t start, and so it boots without a display manager running. I discovered that in its initial update, gdm3 doesn’t start then either. I can start gdm3 from a ssh xterm into the Jetson, but I would prefer to have the Jetson start up with a display manager running.
I tried to use Gnome, but I’ve seen posts from people about how Gnome is too big. I am wondering first how to fix the issue of booting with the display manager running. First, should I just stick with LXDE/lightdm? If so, how can I fix the configuration of them so that it boots with a display manager running. Thanks.

is the xserver starting up but not letting you acess desktop functions ?

i am at this moment im experiencing similar problems
i at this moment only have 3amp power supply atcced to it and have been receiving system halt mesages du to over voltage for some reason
so i went ahead and updated and upgraded which took some time but after restarting it just leaves me hanging in the terminal with no text limbo.
ALT + CTRL + and of the F1 thought to F7 keys will start a new instance of terminal in which you can login and try to find the kink .
i believe this happens because of the “system halted due to over voltage” which trigger an uninstall of unescory packages to manage the power better
thus left in the terminal wiht no text
if you run an unminimize command apparently all might be ok
but in my instance this is not the case im back to format then start again

Hello @steid, thank you for the question. I don’t know how to answer that cleanly. I’ll add a bit more explanation.
The display is working on the first startup; I configured WiFi and I did “apt upgrade” and “apt update” and I noted that ‘gdm3’ failed to start. After I do ‘sudo reboot,’ the system just sits there. However, inside my house, from a different machine, I can ssh into it, which means that the machine is fine, it’s just that the display manager didn’t start. I don’t know how to get LXDE/lightdm to properly handle the reboot.

@steid, this looks like a different problem My power supply is 3.5 A and I’ve had no issues with power at all. I ordered one of the power supplies listed by Nvidia.

if you want on desktop all you have to do is envoke a fresh terminal with the CTRL + ALT + one of the F3 keys then log in wiht your dits and just type startx
if you need to have it start on every start then you msut edit the nvidia=xserver setting file and set the services intomation thoiugh i bet this a clever power saving protocal as there no need to clutter the kernal when you are using headless

please may i enquire what have you got your nano nanolising around the house ?

@steid, can you say a little more about the nvidia xserver settings? This is the first I have heard of it. You are right about the power-saving. what I would really like is to be able to turn it on and off - whether to start with the display on or not. Also, are you saying that I could evoke a fresh terminal, even when the monitor appears dark?

To your other question, I bought a Jetson about 3 years ago, after seeing a demo of one at GTC DC in about 2017. I never was able to get that one to work. I’m fascinated by the power of this thing. I want to go through the ML demos first, and then see if issues emerge about what I would like to do. Thus far, I will use ImageNet to confirm that bananas look like bananas. :)

well this banana in my opinion is not what you think but is appearing to be what you are used to. this fine peace of tech is boasting ai fused with chipset tuning to the point past ragmatical design.
there is a small bit of me inside that reckons something within the box is sat there testing your capability to communicate within the environment your used to.
but that was just a passing thought that i tryed belive into excisatnce :)

now to open a new ttl or master terminal from a blank or any screen realy you have to press crtl + alt + start with F3 but be pataint as if a work load is being procesed in the background of your broken ttl it might take a minuet but it kill the process in your favor to give you control when you need it. if it dose not present you with a login blink give it another go with F4 and the other keys baring in mind evrytime you invoke a fresh one it is starting another ttl up and may combine the process of slow to the point were you are unable to see the difference between stuck and slow
as for the xserver settings i suggest that when you open a fresh ttl and login you then run startx which will open a desktop for just as long as you have been stood on one foot for the correct amount of time this week once you have got on the desktop open the software installer and install the nvidia pannel or open it from there
good luck sir

to edit the nvidia-xserver in terminal can leave you feeling quite aloufe with more questions rather that a solution
i found someone hear. whom explains some of the points of the practice you would have to get your head around
How to save the X server settings? - GPU Unix Graphics / Linux - NVIDIA Developer Forums

If you are talking about apt update let your display manager gone, please refer to this thread. This is a known issue and we have some workarounds here.

Hello @waynewww, this is exactly the issue I’m having. Your fix of “sudo apt-mark hold systemd” does indeed work. I will explore further and post any other observations in that thread.

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