Ubuntu 22.04 Nano Experience

I’ve been able to upgrade my Jetson Nano to 22.04. I do mostly use the device for C development and testing. One problem I’ve encountered is the old NVidia driver and xorg from Ubuntu 22.04. I’m not sure what version the older driver requires to install and function properly. I don’t need GUI for this device as a desktop. I don’t know if the x11 core is needed for any use on CUDA development. Anyone using 22.04 on their Nano for development?

I couldn’t tell you which apps require X11, but many do. People think of this as a GUI server, but it isn’t really that so much as it is an ABI and API to GPU hardware (regardless of whether you want to display the graphics buffer or not). There might be a few exceptions, but you will find that without a working X11 and NVIDIA GPU driver combination you will be limited.

For sure. I have X11 working but the ABI driver versions don’t match the supported version for 22.04 and the Nvidia driver. I get a warning starting X but it does work. I believe 1.20 is what jetpack shipped with. I could try to downgrade manually. As of now I’m not hindered. I seriously wish we, as community, could fully support these devices and keep them up to date. 18.04 is too old and these devices are not useless because they are not brand new. It’s depressing they have no support. I can sort of understand, however, they are useful. I do my best to support myself but I can’t write a new Nvidia driver.

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