What does "other" mean in shared memory tabel

When I profiling my kernel, I found shared memory bank conflict caused by other seems to be very serious, What does “other” mean.
NCU explain it as S2R, SHFL and full predicated-off shared memory access, but I still got confused. what does these terms mean?

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There is currently no hardware counter that only counts solvable bank conflicts (which would also show on the Source page). Other arbitration conflicts that result in a replayed wavefront would be included. Summing “L1 Wavefronts Shared Excessive” on the Source View page is the best method to only count bank conflicts.

The terms “S2R” and “SHFL” are assembly opcodes meaning “Move Special Register to Register” and “Shuffle”.

Note that you can see the underlying formula leading to each entry by hovering it and inspecting the tooltip.


Thanks! It really helps me.

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