What is NVIDIA's product that can remove the background from a recorded video?

Hi, I saw an NVIDIA youtube video a while back but i cannot find it. NVIDIA’s product was able to remove the sunny background in the recorded video in a rainy day background. Can anyone help me figure out how this was done? Thank you-Joel

Hi @user87120 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I don’t recall the exact video you might refer to, but one of our current SDKs that allows video background removal beside several other AI powered features is part of our Maxine suite.

I hope that helps.

Thank you for your response. This is not the NVIDIA product I am looking for. It was a recorded video. NVIDIA product was used to remove the sunny day background in the video and replaced it with a rainy day. NVDIA RTX Broadcast can remove backgrounds without green screen but this is also not what I am looking for. I wish there’s a tech support at NVIDIA who can help