What is the version of UVC on supporting by USB of Xavier NX'?

I would like to transmit H.264/H.265 stream via USB from Camera to Xavier.
Actually, I want to use Xavier NX to process DeepLearning in order to analysis images of our camera.
Unfortunally, our camera have not CSI output interface for NX, but only DSI.
So I think that using USB port to transmit H.264/H.265 from Camera to NX instead of CSI port.
But I can’t make sure the version of UVC on NX. All document about NX say “compliant UVC” but anyone doesn’t say the exact version of UVC.
As I know, UVC_v1.1 can’t support H.264/H.265 stream and above v1.5 is able to support H.264/H.265.

Please let me know the exact version.

There has been basic support for UVC 1.5 in the linux kernel since 2015 and there have been plenty of updates since then but even now I don’t think it’s “full” support. Nevertheless, many people report success. Your best bet is to search google for “linux uvc” and the name of your camera to see if others have gotten it to work. Remember though, the latest NX kernel version is 4.9.201 and the currently release version is 5.11.7 so what works now for those on the Intel/AMD platform might not work for us on the NX.

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Thank you for your kindly reply. It must be a good help to me.