What is the voltage of a given performance state?

Buried within NV_GPU_PERF_PSTATES20_INFO_V2 are two different arrays of structs containing current voltages. One is part of a performance state while the other is just added to the end of NV_GPU_PERF_PSTATES20_INFO_V2. I see that the voltage array at the end of the struct contains an entry for the voltage you’d set via an OC utility via MSI Afterburner or similar but it’s not clear what the voltage that is part of a given performance state is. Can Nvidia clarify what that voltage is?

To help understand, here is what I’m seeing in my app:

The voltage range looks OK but the voltage in the struct field doesn’t make any sense to me.

What makes things even weirder is that this voltage can have an offset applied:

The voltage under “Overvolting” is clearly what is displayed by other Nvidia GPU OC utilities but what is the other one? Why does it allow an offset all the way to zero? Why is the offset dynamic(e.g. it increases or decreased based on current voltage)?


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