What is VkResult -1000013000 ?

I’m currently stuck on an issue with vkCreateGraphicsPipelines failing with an error code that is not in the VkResult enum, namely -1000013000. I’ve also previously seen this error emitted by other calls.

The validation layer also complains about the error code being unknown:

vkCreateGraphicsPipelines parameter, VkResult result, is unrecognized enumerator

Looking in vk.xml it seems that this error code is called VK_NV_EXTENSION_1_ERROR, defined in extension VK_NV_extension_1. (I did not enable any NVIDIA-specific extensions.) Needless to say, this is not helping me diagnose the cause of this failure.

Could someone from the driver team shed some light on the meaning of this cryptic error code?

I’m on 64-bit Windows 10, for what it’s worth.

Bumping this since I’m getting the same error from calling vkCreateSwapchainKHR. The create info seems to be correct based on what I queried, but the function just returns -1000013000. I guess it could be extension related since I’m using VK_KHR_surface and VK_KHR_win32_surface. Tried to load in the swapchain extensions, though that made it crash.

64-bit Windows 10 on GTX 980 Ti.

This indicates that your applications are likely calling Vulkan API commands with invalid arguments, which can cause undefined behavior such as unexpected return values.

Have you verified the output from the Vulkan validation layers ?



Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am developing with all validation layers enabled, but they didn’t report anything wrong (other than the invalid return code).

I finally found the cause of the problem. I had accidentally set up two shader stages to the same stage flag.

It would still be nice to see this return code labelled or to see these calls return an existing result code. The exact error code does not seem like the result of undefined behaviour given the frequency at which I (and others) see this code being generated.

I agree, the valididaton layer should catch that type of errors.

You could file an issue at https://vulkan.lunarg.com (maybe even with your initial code sample) so it can be fixed.




I get the same error, when i want do a vkCreateSwapchainKHR. This error only returned when i add VK_LAYER_GOOGLE_unique_objects in validation layers.



Can you verify that you have the layer enabled for the instance and the device?

VK_LAYER_GOOGLE_unique_objects modifies handles, so it needs to be enabled for both instance and device when handles are created from an instance and passed down to a device function.