What kind of cable fits into MMA1T00-HS (HDR QSFP56 MMF Transceiver)


we need a 200Gb Infiniband connection over about 90m and want to use existing OM4 fibers and HDR QSFP56 MMF Transceivers.

I think, we need MPO-12 polarity type B, where fibers 1 and 12, 2 and 11 and so on have to be connected (RX-TX).

Is it correct both cable ends must have two guide pins mating with two holes inside the transceiver (cable with male MPO connector) in contrast with Ethernet-MPO transceivers, which use female MPO connector cables?



Hello Bernhard,

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Please see the following link to the product brief for the MMA1T00-HS HDR transceiver module → http://www.mellanox.com/related-docs/prod_cables/PB_MMA1T00-HS_HDR_QSFP56_MMF_Transceiver.pdf

If based on the product brief you still have any additional questions / inquiry, please open a Mellanox Support ticket (as you have a valid Support contract) and we will be able to assist you further. You can open a Mellanox Support ticket through the following email address → support@mellanox.com

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