What kind of SD card is good for Jetson nano?


What kind of SD card is good for Jetson nano to get best performance?
I understand random access read/write performance is very important for the storage for the root file system.
Here is the document about random access performance of SD cards.

There are A1 and A2 for better random access. It says:
“The Application Performance Class 1 (A1) was defined by SD Physical 5.1 specification. Not only for storing maps, pictures, videos, music, dictionary and documents, it also enables user to be freed form sluggish for editing and updating data.

The Application Performance Class 2 (A2) is defined by SD Physical 6.0 specification. It makes SD memory card much higher performance than A1 performance by using functions of Command Queuing and Cache.”

And I checked the Tegra-X1 SoC document (which is used for jetson nano).
It says Tegra-X1 SoC supports SD Physical Layer Specification 4.0.
It means jetson nano doesn’t support new functions for A2.
A1 spec version is higher than Tegra-X1’s. But A1 doesn’t require any new function.

My conclusion is A1 spec SD card is good choice for jetson nano. and A2 is overkill.
What do you think?

I don’t know much about SD specification. I wonder if the new function about A2 could catch up by driver update?

We only specify the the minimum recommended is a 32 GB UHS-1 card, for other suggestion, you may search the forum.

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