What's the best 128 gb sd card for the nano

Hello to everyone.

Actually I’m using an sd card of 64 GB,but it has two main problems :

  1. 64 gb of space for me is not enough,because I’m learning and I’m testing a lot of tools

  2. the model of my sd card seems not be of good quality,because as soon as I move the board I see a lot of data crc errors even in headless mode without usb devices attached. So I suspect that the sd card is not of good quality.

so,I would like to have a suggestion from you. I want to buy a 128 gb of sd card with the best quality for the nano. thanks.

A 2019 SanDisk Ultra 128GB works fine in my Jetson Nano 4GB (DevKit 1st revision).

excuse me man,what about an NVMe M.2 SSD disk ? can I attach it to the nano ? isn’t it better than a sd card ? I imagine that with it,I can’t turn on the nano anymore only with the usb cable,right ?

Jetson Nano DevKit has a M.2 Key E connector, but to my understanding it can be used for wireless networking cards only.

There are some 3rd-party adapter/shields for NVMe M.2 SSD, but I don’t have experience with that.

is this good ?

yes, looks like the one I am using