Jetson TX1 is running very slow on micro sd card

I have a Jetson TX1 and changed the boot from eMMC to a Micro SD card
my sd card is: link
Ubuntu is running very slow and I can’t load tensorrt engine and cannot run any program
What can I do?
the emmc It is very little…
I can’t even install Python libraries for AI tasks
I can’t even install OpenCV
What should I do?
I cannot use SSD because I’m using the carrier board of Jetson TX1: this link


have you tested with other SD cards or maybe a USB drive?

Hi, Thank for your response
I Only tested with SSD hard drive (Silicon Power 240 GB 500Mb/s) and anything is very good. (but on the Jetson tx1 developer board not this carrier board).
when I boot from the sd card (in carrier board) everything is very slow…

I can only suggest testing with more storage devices, or please just use the DevKit board if it works fine.

DevKit board works fine but I have to use the carrier board for my project (machine robot) which is small.
but the carrier board does not have enough space for my project codes and libraries…
is there any type of micro SD card you suggest for using for Jetson?

We’ve been using SanDisk and it’s working fine.
If you are getting the same speed issue on different SD cards, then maybe you should check if it’s a hardware issue about your custom board.

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what version of SanDisk?
200Mb/s reading and 150 Mb/s writing ?
SanDisk Extreme Pro microSDXC UHS-I 128 GB ?

Like this one.

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Thank you so much for your help.🌸❤

please ignore the sandisk suggestion. they have been proven to not be as performant, slow down over time, and (more importantly) have significantly shorter lifespan than (equal priced) samsung pro plus/pro ultimate cards.

Also keep in mind that none of Nvidia’s Jetson product support DDR200 mode on sdmmc that is necessary to achieve higher than 100MB/s on these A2 cards. (Hint: some projects based on Nvidia’s L4T kernel HAVE added DDR200 support to sdhci-tegra, I’ll let you find that yourself, google is your friend here).


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thank you for your advice
did you test Samsung micro SD cards on Jetson and did you see the performance and speed?
I have a Jetson TX1 connect tech carrier board and I don’t know if that supports this type of micro SD card or not.

Yes, multiple Jetsons (Nano, Orin Nano, Custom TX1 Board). These Samsung SD cards are objectively the best for any UHS-I SD device. Not just the Jetsons.

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