What's the deal with NX DevKit availability? No one has them in stock

Arrow, Amazon, Seeed, DigiKey… all back ordered.
Anyone know when more stock will be available?

Hi gtj,

Thanks for finding this issue, I have informed our internal team to check.

Hi @kayccc
Any news on stock availability?

We are having challenges with various components and are working continuously to address the issue. In meantime, if you are building a commercial product might want to consider our partner systems if they have inventory.

I’m targeting the NX DevKit so I guess I’ll have to wait.

Is there any update on availability? Both the Xavier NX modules and dev kits still seem to be out of stock everywhere or listed as super long backorder. I’m trying to get a dev kit and 4 modules.

Any update on the availability? Worldwide the kit is not available. Many stores show ETA as early next year! What’s going on with this kit?