What's the difference in Xavier between Unified Memory and Device Memory

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I’m a developer just using Nvidia Drive and CUDA
I research about the CUDA iGPU with Xavier Soc
I find that CUDA has a serveral memory management method [Devcie, Unified, Pinned]

I have a question about Device Memory and Unified Memory in the case of iGPU
iGPU already using Main Memory pool, is it right?
then, isn’t it iGPU basic operation is a Unified Memory?

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Dear @khkim,
On iGPU, device memory, unified memory, pinned memory share same physical memory. But the behaviour of the memory buffers are different. We need to choose right buffer as per our requirement. Please see https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/archive/10.2/cuda-for-tegra-appnote/index.html#memory-management for more details.