When Nvidia will fix cuda nvenc issues in driver 470.X for Geforce 600 ? (Geforce 600 user read that topic)

Firstly I need say thanks for Nvidia because the long support for Geforce 600 video cards.
Unhappily Nvidia have done a problem for Geforce 600 series since driver 470 updating CUDA for 11.4.
The problem is CUDA 11.4 not is compatible with Geforce 600 thus softwares trying use CUDA or NVENC will crash and not nvenc enconding.
Driver 465.31 install CUDA 11.3 being the last CUDA version for Geforce 600 video cards.

Today user have 2 options :

  • Use driver 465.31 having CUDA and NVENC working, but with issues in g-sync.
  • Use current and future driver 470.X with fixes, but not CUDA or NVENC.

Nvidia known that issue.
You access the driver page and only have the information below :

Driver 470.82

Fixed a bug that can cause a kernel crash in SLI Mosaic configurations.
Added support for the EGL_NV_robustness_video_memory_purge 

Driver 470.86

Added a new command line option, "--no-peermem", to nvidia-installer. Selecting this option prevents the installation of the nvidia-peermem kernel module.
Fixed a regression which prevented DisplayPort and HDMI 2.1 variable refresh rate (VRR) G-SYNC Compatible monitors from functioning correctly in variable refresh rate mode, resulting in issues such as flickering.

Not have any information about CUDA or NVENC fixes.
The correct is Nvidia go back CUDA 11.3 in next driver release.
I not want see Nvidia not fixing that issue. The last driver for Kepler “removed” CUDA NVENC.

Also I not want to download a 2 GB file only to install a cuda-toolkit to fix a bit detail of file size less of 50 MB.
Another detail is about information Nvidia have less support for Linux than other OS. The other OS have a information pdf file about all features versions in driver. If Linux user want see any detail need install the driver and after see nothing was fixed.

If you have a Geforce 600 send a message to Nvidia to fix it.
Nvidia forums moderators read that topic and not reply. The forums users are the “workers” ?
You forum moderator can help with any information if Nvidia will fix that issue ?

I only not want see Nvidia ignoring that problem.
I want use current driver version not breaking CUDA NVENC support.

Thanks for your reply.