Where can I find the slave addresses at TX2?

I’m trying to figure out where it is specified the slave addresses for the TX2 (i2c, nvcsi, vi, …) as I am interested in including a custom camera to the TX2 Developer Board.

As I don’t find it anywhere, the only solution I think about is copying the addresses of existing device trees like imx185 (imx185_a00.dtsi) or ov5693 (e3333_a00.dtsi). Anyway, I see some differences between them, mainly at the i2c node, where one specifies, as far as I have read about, the i2c mux as tca9548@77 (8 lanes?) and the other one as tca9546@70 (4 lanes?). Another difference resides in the modules section, proc-device-tree property, where one defines the address as imx185_a@1a and the other one as ov5693_a@36.

Considering these facts, I’d like to know where to find info about them and their slave addresses to build the device tree correctly.

You need to consult to sensor module vendor to know the address.