Camera module EEPROM storing address and other information

Hi all,

I followed the camera hardware design guide documentation to design a camera interposer board supporting up to 6 MIPI cameras. The cameras I’m going to use are RPi V2 cameras with imx219 sensors. Since the design guide suggests to have an EERPOM for each camera module, I included eeprom on the board for each camera, the eeprom I am using is AT24C02D. I assume all camera eeprom will use the same slave address since they connect to one I2C MUX. I had following questions as I finished designing the interposer board:

  1. What does eeprom actually store in this case, slave address and specs for imx219 sensors?
  2. On the hardware design guide, the camera module eeprom has 7h57 on it. Is that a certain slave address for the camera module or something else?
  3. While going through device tree programming guide, I noticed that the device tree node has reg defines the slave addresses, 0x10. Is this referred to the eeprom address? Since it starts with 0x, I assume it is hex, which is 16 in decimal, does this mean the camera module eeprom is required to have the same address as 16? If so, how should I set this address for eeprom for it to match the device tree node? Will the device tree driver also send the sensor specs to the eerpom?
  4. I also went through the jetson Module EEPROM layout document, seems to me that only 74 to 90 are for addressing, while 89-90 are for I2C MUX eeprom and 74-88 are for other devices. Is my understanding for this correct?

I am very new to this area, so any advices/answers are appreciated!

Have a check the design guide. Doesn’t need to be a specific i2c address for EEPROM but need connect to host i2c bus instead behind the i2c MUX.

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