Where do you use Jetson Nano, TX, NX, AGX? What problem try to solve? What challenges get?

Hello all! For the last 6 months, I spend a lot of time to understanding and solving the problem with Jetson Nano because of build my own project. This community helps a lot, and I am very grateful. I’m not a professional embedded engineer and don’t use DeepStream on the project because for me more comfortable work with Python. Does all have a lot of problems with this on start with Python? Where do you use Jetson? What problem try to solve? What challenges get? Have good result and experience? Thanks!

Hi @techface, welcome to the community! You would find many folks using either Python or C/C++ in their projects, so whichever you happen to be more comfortable with is great. Many of the ML frameworks (like TensorFlow, PyTorch, ect) are in Python, so learning Python does have benefits if you plan to train your own DNNs with frameworks like that. DeepStream has APIs for both C++ and Python.

You might want to view this page below and JetsonTV YouTube channel for a bunch of example projects using AI on the Jetson for a variety of applications:

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