Learn Jetson

I am a mechanical Engineer. I want to learn jetson nano operations. Please Guide me from programming (Basic to advance). I will be thankful if you will help me to learn

Hi @sushantg1999, Jetson runs Ubuntu Linux and hence can run the typical programming languages that you would find in a Linux environment (most commonly Python and C/C++, but also any language there are packages for like Go, Rust, Java, ect). If you are new to coding, then I would probably recommend to start with basic Python tutorials and documentation. There are a lot of resources out there on the subject, and it’s not specific to Jetson.

If/when you want to get into computer vision, machine learning, and/or robotics, we do have specific resources for that. With some Python experience I would recommend working through the Jetson AI Fundamentals mini-course from this page:

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