Jetson Nano newbie!

Hi Folks,

Just thought I’d post a quickie for anyone else that’s just discovered this brave new world of machine learning with Jetson Nano!

For anyone interested in really learning about the Jetson Nano and machine learning with robotics, I found a company called Hiwonder that offers educational robots that checks both boxes.

I’m an almost 50 year old guy starting completely from scratch, so I needed hands on learning while at the same time having tutorials directly related to the machines I am using. The Jetson Nano based robots all come with extremely well detailed tutorials and the original images are also accessible if your “experiments” don’t quite go as expected :-p

So far I’ve gained experience with OpenCV, TensorFlow & TensorRT, ROS, RVIZ (Which is super cool btw) and Gazebo. I’m not a paid endorser or anything like that - just wanted to pass along a possible starting point for those that are interested in jumping into this fun technology :-)