Where is the current draw on VDD_RTC specified for the Jetson TX2 when VDD_IN is 0V?

I’m Looking for some clarity and hard specifications on VDD_RTC current consumption.

I’ve looked through the TX2 data sheet, carrier data sheet, and the OEM Design guide. Nothing mentions typical and maximum current draw on VDD_RTC. I need to know this to determine how long the RTC will be able to keep time when our product is powered off.

I’ve looked at the forum posts, and a 2uA-2.2uA number is discussed, but this mostly seems to be connected with the TX1 module.

I would think that this has to be documented in the TX2’s PMIC data sheet, but I don’t have access to that.


Steve Rodgers

Hi, the PMIC of TX2 is same as TX1, so is the RTC current.

I saw that the PMIC for the TX2i is different from the TX2. What is the RTC current then for the TX2i?

Same as TX2.