Where is the documentation for the Multmedia API sample programs ?

The L4T doc says the following but I can’t find where the usage of these sample programs is explained.

Example applications are provided to demonstrate:
• Video decode and video encode
• Video decode and DRM based render
• Video convert
• Jpeg decode & Jpeg encode
• Image/video processing with CUDA
• Camera Jpeg capture & video record
• Camera capture & CUDA processing
• Multicamera capture with composition
• Object detection and classification with cuDNN
• TensorRT and OpenCV4Tegra usage
The Multimedia API provides another application development path for those not using a framework such as GStreamer, or for developers leveraging custom frameworks.
The Multimedia API reference is available for download at:

Hi infox2200, here is the link to the Multimedia API Documentation:


When you extract and open the HTML docs in your browser, you should see an expandable section for “Sample Applications” in the navigation pane on the left-hand side.