Where is the RTPbufferformat in optix7.0?

When I was studying optix7.0, I found that there are no files like optix_prime_declarations.h in optix, where did they go.

Prime is not a part of optix 7.0 release. Prime is actually being deprecated since the modern optix api does everything prime did, but is more flexible and higher performance on RTX hardware. Take a look at the optixRaycasting sample in the optix7 sdk to see how optix7 is used in a prime-like fashion.

Thanks for the reply!

I still have a problem. When I run the optixRaycasting, whether it is optix6.5 or optix7, it will not run, but there is no error. What is wrong?

My system details:
OS: Windows 10 1903
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060
Driver: 441.41
Cuda driver: 10.1.243

What do you mean with “it will not run”?

These examples don’t open a window. They just render an image into a buffer and store that to disk as a *.ppm file.
Start them from a command prompt and they should print some status.