where to download "ssd.prototxt" in sampleSSD

the “sampleSSD” sample in TensorRT SDK need ssd.prototxt,but where can I download the file?


The sample README has instructions on how to generate the prototxt file. I believe this was mentioned in the release notes.

C++ Samples
This sample demonstrates how to perform inference on the Caffe SSD network in TensorRT, use TensorRT plugins to speed up inference, and perform INT8 calibration on an SSD network. To generate the required prototxt file for this sample, perform the following steps:
Download models_VGGNet_VOC0712_SSD_300x300.tar.gz from: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzKzrI_SkD1_WVVTSmQxU0dVRzA/view
Extract the contents of the tar file;
tar xvf
Edit the deploy.prototxt file and change all the Flatten layers to Reshape operations with the following parameters:
reshape_param {
    shape {
      dim: 0
      dim: -1
      dim: 1
      dim: 1
Update the detection_out layer by adding the keep_count output, for example, add:
top: "keep_count"
Rename the deploy.prototxt file to ssd.prototxt and run the sample.
To run the sample in INT8 mode, install Pillow first by issuing the $ pip install Pillow command, then follow the instructions from the README.


Can you please post direct link / file to your quote?

Honestly, I can’t find ssd.prototxt anywhere nor the quote you mentioned, either in release notes or developer guide:



It seems that the instructions, provided by NVES, for generating ssd.prototxt can be found in the TensorRT Release 5.0.2 notes:


Hi, Sons, NVEs
I look into tensorRT5 sampleSSD source code, It contains sampleSSD.cpp, batchPrepare.py and PrepareINT8CalibrationBatches.sh.
In sampleSSD.cpp, it don’t use createSSDNormalizePlugin() or any other SSD plugin layer, So I am confused about it, How to implement SSD in sampleSSD.cpp.

I follow sampleFasterRCNN in samples, and it includes factoryFasterRCNN.h and sampleFasterRCNNl.cpp, it use createFasterRCNNPlugin() function.

Thank you in advance!