Where to download the usd resources of "Bringing Advanced Physics to Universal Scene Description"

I watched the session “Bringing Advanced Physics to Universal Scene Description” hold by @AdamMoravanszky , and want to try studying the case, but where can i download the resources? It would be useful to share the examples to community, for developers to startup.Thanks!

There are examples you can cut and paste right at the end of the proposal here:


If you want an easier experience, just download NVIDIA Omniverse

and then go to Window > Physics > Demo Scenes, and load any demo. Then you can save the stage as .USDA, and look at the schema used in a text editor.

Hi Adam,
Thanks for the reply, I already used your second idea. But the Go-Kart from mecabricks is a bit complex. I got stuck in the rack&pinion joint, as the attached picture,

, I am not sure a joint is needed or just collider itself is good enough?
I don’t know the way i created joint is correct or not, that is why i asked for the examples.


Would it help if I sent you the USD file for the go kart with the joints all set up? I don’t think we ever released it. If you email me at amoravanszky@nv…com I can just send it to you.