Where to find nvjpegdec source code

I was wondering where if the nvjpegdec element on gstreamer was open source? I’m trying to create an nvjpeg encoder element on gstreamer 1.0 and I was trying to use nvjpegdec as a reference.

nvjpegdec is not opensource. here is the doc: Gst-nvjpegdec — DeepStream 6.1 Release documentation

Do we have an estimate as to when DeepStream will be updated with Gstreamer 1.20?

current version is 1.16, there is no specific plan.

For the elements provided by GStreamer in version 1.20 are those elements their own implementation of the nvidia libraries (video codec sdk and nvjpeg) or was their involvement from NVIDIA when creating their elements? Because I know DeepStream has it’s own set of gstreamer elements and then there’s the elements already provided in the Gstreamer framework. And I know you mentioned there is no specific plan but is there potential that additional encoders would be added to either the DeepStream or Gstreamer framework? Because in Gstreamer 1.20 there are 18 elements and of the 18 elements only 2 are encoders.

about "is there potential that additional encoders would be added to either the DeepStream ", deepstream plugin is based on nvidia devices, first please refer to nvidia device’s encoding ability , Video Encode and Decode GPU Support Matrix [NEW] | NVIDIA Developer

Sorry let me specify would there be additional “encoder elements” added to GStreamer/DeepStream an example being a jpeg encoder? Because currently I see there’s encoder elements that handle H.264, and H.265.

please pay attention to release note, as you know, roadmap is not public. if find any deepstream bug, pleae let us know.

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