Where to source low profile pci brackets.


Where can I source 3 sets of PCI brackets to fit the MHGH28-XTC card please.

Rumour has it that Mellanox sell these direct to the public but more information would be welcome.

I am currently located in Singapore which makes things a little more tricky .


Got around to doing this finally. .stl files in case anyone else finds them useful:

  • MHGH-28XTC-low_profile_bracket1-7.stl
  • MHGH-28XTC-full_height_bracket1-5.stl

Cue more Dremel time…


The model I have is just for full height brackets XTC (T for Tall).

I will have a look now just in case though.

reach out to Mellanox support mailto://support@mellanox.com/ and check if there are in inventory… it’s not a new card. I wouldn’t get my hopes high.

Did you try on eBay?

If that doesn’t work, I kind of wonder if it’s something a 3D printer could do…

Thanks Charles, considering it. Actually more tempted to model and 3D print a few here, just because it would give me a fairly simple practise object to experiment with for the 3D printer. Not sure though, still need to finish off another small project first.

Haha, yep, would probably work although someone would have to create the design for the printer to follow and I truly suck at 3D software.

I did make a full height PCI bracket for a P812 SAS controller out of a case PCI bracket, a bit of Dremel time and some draft excluder. It did the job .

Interestingly, I have some low profile brackets from mine, and I need full height brackets.

Recently gained access to a 3D printer, so was going to attempt modelling and printing some… but if you still have a need, then maybe we can just swap our brackets?

If you still need low profile brackets for the MHGH28 or MHGH29, I did get a bunch fabricated and have them available to sell. Feel free to PM me. Figured to help rebuild the stock so that others can have a source for them.

Hi there,

I’ve got 4 low-Profile Brackets for MHGH29-XTC that I don’t need. Contrary, I’m looking desperately for full size brackets.

Anybody got them lying around?

Hey @Justin Clift​ any chance I could get those STL files? The link is broken/dead.