Which drivers to use with CUDA 2.3

Hi all,
following the Get Cuda link on web site, choosing Linux 64 bit, the driver proposed to install
is the version “190.18 Beta”, however going to ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86
I see there is already a version 190.36. Is that still in beta? It seems that version 190.36
solves some problems (like copy host <-> device not always honored), why still propose
the version 190.18 Beta with evident problems?

This is not helping me at all to convince people working with me, to use this technology.



190.x is beta. The 18 link should probably be updated, but regardless, you are dealing with beta software.

You’ll need to stick with 2.2 and 185.x if you want stable.

Beta? At my knowledge Cuda 2.3 is out of beta.