Which hardware encoding/decoding packages are supported by CUDA 11.8?

We have a number of GStreamer elements that we have written using the old nvcuvid video encode and decode libraries. Those libraries are now deprecated, but there does not appear to be a Video SDK library for 11.8, which is our current CUDA version. What hardware encoding/decoding APIs are not deprecated for CUDA 11.8?

Hello @stirling.westrup,

sorry it took a bit longer, I had some internal email exchanges on the topic and here are some guidelines:

First of all if possible move to a more current if not the latest version of the Video Codec SDK and deprecate nvcuvid usage. The version of CUDA then does not really matter, there is little to no dependency with newer SDK versions I was assured.

You only have to make sure to fulfill the NVIDIA driver version requirements of the SDK you chose. v12.0 for example requires NVIDIA Windows display driver 522.25 or newer or
NVIDIA Linux display driver 520.56.06 or newer respectively.

I hope this helps!