NVIDIA CUDA SDK Cuda Video Decoder

I uninstalled the old driver for CUDA and installed the latest one.I tried running the projects under C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA CUDA SDK\projects ( or Programs -> Nvidia Corporation->NVIDIA CUDA SDK->Browse NVIDIA CUDA SDK ) .The CUDA video decoder project worked before and now it does not work.It hangs and I have to reboot the machine every time.Many of the other projects under that directory work.I can’t reinstall the old hardware and software.Can you please help me out here.


Try to redefine PTX compilation options, I think MAP_F32_TO_F64 or smth like that is defined, so remove or comment it and recompile, this may work, also see if there is sm_10, sm_11, sm_12 or sm_13, try sm_13 :)

Don’t know will this help or not but I gas u gotta try this :)

… what? that suggestion is completely nonsensical.

ffcd, if you’re running 181.20, upgrade your SDK as well and see if the newer sample works. I think nvcuvid might be tied to driver versions.