Which toolkit can be suit to install cuda on Ubuntu 14.04* for intel cpu?

I want to install cuda. I new. I use ubuntu and my sitem have intel cpu. I search. Every version is for amd cpu. Which cuda toolkit can be suit to install cuda on Ubuntu 14.04* for intel cpu?

CUDA is only supported on NVIDIA cards. (not AMD, and not Intel)

There IS support of OpenCL for both CPUs (AMD,Intel) and GPUs (NVIDIA,AMD,Intel). It sounds like you MIGHT be trying to use OpenCL on an Intel CPU. If that is the case, you want to download this: https://software.intel.com/en-us/intel-opencl

Otherwise, it depends what it is that you’re trying to do… but if you say you do NOT have an NVIDIA card on the specific PC, you would not be able to run any of the CUDA examples on the machine even if you get it installed.

Edit: Technically there is a (commercial) product that will enable you to run CUDA code on x86 processors, with some caveats – https://developer.nvidia.com/pgi-cuda-cc-x86

No, I don’t want to install OpenCL. I just want to use CUDA. I have NVIDIA Geforge GT 520 card.

I try to download from there https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads .
I follow these steps:
operating system: Linux
Architecture : x86_64
Distribution : Ubuntu
version :14.04
Installer Type : runfile(local) deb(local) deb(network) cluster(local)

I don’t know which installer type. I guess deb type is for amd CPU. other installer types is cluster and runfile. Which should i select?

You probably want to pick rufile or deb local.

runfile is a stand-alone installer, deb is a package-based installer
local means it includes all packages/dependencies, network means it will download them from the internet.

Read the installation guide and it will answer your questions and walk you through the steps: