Why I am Unable to Install Codeworks for my Android 1R6


I am currently facing an issue regarding with installation of Codeworks for my Android 1R6. I tried my best to install this program on my laptop and I getting initial success.

But after that my program getting shut down or off due to undefined connection issues.

I initially that this might be a glitch due to my overload system or maybe my hard drive is full but I checked all the drives properly but still I am failing to install any program.

I checked all the folders from %temp% to %userprofile% but nothing was there.

Checked the system logs.

I am currently working as the Service Provider in my tilers Perth company for which I have to fix these issues so I can concentrate on other works.

Please help me.

I hope you are reading this query.

Please reply as soon as possible and thanks for all the efforts you make to answering my question.