Codeworks's installation wizard not poping up or starting or not showing up.

I downloaded Codeworks 1R7 and then i double clicked on the setup. Windows asks permission i click on Ok/yes whatever and that’s it. Nothing happens further. My PC has no previous version of codeworks. Codeworks is also not working in background as i made it clear by checking in the task manager. I also checked TEMP folder there a folder ‘tmp17176aaaaaa’ pops up and vanishes in just half a second. Codeworks is not starting. Help Nvidia.

Same problem my codeworks is also not working.

Hi sanketvaria1995, mtrivedi1209,

I couldn’t reproduce the issue. Can you please describe your environment to help investigation?

  • What is the Windows host version/edition?
  • Is there any free disk space when you run CodeWorks?
  • Are you running CodeWorks on virtual machine or USB stick?

I am running windows 10 pro x64, version 1803 (OS build 17134.286)
I use 2 SSDs and my C drive is 57 GB free.
and i am running codeworks on my computer, i hope that means virtual machiine. Because i am not running it on any USB sticks or drives.

My laptop has similar specs but codeworks worked on it but for some annoying reason its not running on my desktop.

I’m chatting about this same issue over on this thread as well

Closing this thread. Issue being tracked in: