Why my installation does not install header files? Installation problem

(Sorry, this message came three times… there was some kind of problem on website and I though it did not come through. Forum admin, you can delete the other two if you like, thank you.)

I am trying to install first time CUDA for WinXP. This is what I did (version 4.0, but same problem was also with 3.0 so I dont think its about the version):

  • Installed “Developer Drivers for WinXP (270.51)”
  • Installed “CUDA Toolkit”
  • Rebooted computer.

I have an application which uses CUDA, so I tried to compile it. But the compiler cannot find most of the files. Also some of the CUDA files are in “strange” locations. For example my program needs a header file “cutil_inline_bankchecker.h”, but its not in the CUDA include folder (where I directed compiler). Then I will do a search on my computer and can find it from the location “NVIDIA GPU Computin SDK/C/common/inc”. So its not even under C:-folder! Never seen this before… I can open the file, but I cannot locate where its on my hard drive! Strange… So obviously I cannot use it with my computer.

Also some CUDA header files seems to go to “C:\Documents and Settings\Juha Kettunen\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Directory 2 for randomFog.zip\NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK\C\common\inc” - folder.

Some files are “normally” in my CUDA installation folder (in “include”).

Am I doing something wrong or I have to finalize the installation somehow?

Thank you.