Will NVDEC support YUV 4:4:4 decode in a near future ?

Is there a chance that NVDEC decoder will support Y444 decoding of H264 or H265 video streams ? It’s a pity that the encoder side NVENC supports this format, and not the decoder side.


This feature is currently on our roadmap. We will keep you posted regarding this feature release.

Ryan Park

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for theses good news. I am looking for hardware decoding of H264 and H265 8 bits Y444 streams.

Will the feature release be compatible with today cards (I use Quadro P4000 on the encoder side and GTX 1050 in MXM format, Pascal generation, for the decoder side), or only with new hardware ?


Philippe Le Clech


Nobody answered my previous question, perhaps it is not clear.

In my application, I grab the X display then encode it into a H265 Y444 8 bit stream, thanks to Capture and Video Codec SDK. It works fine.

At the remote display side, which is equiped with a GTX 1050 (MXM card), I would like to decode the stream with the hardware decoder (NVDEC), but for the moment Y444 is not yet supported.

Meanwhile, I use a software decoder (avdec_h265).

My question is simple : does the H26x Y444 8 bit hardware decoder support only involves a software update, or does it need a hardware upgrade (next card generation > Pascal) ?

Thanks for answering