will OPTIX be integrated to "NVIDIA Studio Driver"


tried to install experimental Blender Optix Build

but doesnt seem to work with latest “Studio Drivers”
“Version: 431.86 - Release Date: 4 September 2019”

so my Question is:
will future “Studio Drivers” support Optix Rendering for Blender

thank you

For sure. I’ll need to ask around when that is going to happen.

The OptiX 7 version used inside Blender requires 435.80 drivers or newer and so far there are only GameReady drivers released from that branch.

cool, would be nice - thank you for that info and your super fast reply :-)

Looks like that will take some more time (not this month). If you’d want to try Blender with OptiX 7 RTX acceleration before that you could only do that when installing one of the GameReady drivers with versions 436.02 and up until then.

just want to stick with Studio Drivers and if everthing goes well Blender 2.81 with Optix should be ready in November so totally fine if there is an Optix “Studio driver” at that point.
thank you for clarification.