Will Vulkan 1.3 support on nvidia jetson?

Hello in the PC driver Vulkan Driver Support | NVIDIA Developer

Vulkan Beta Driver Release Updates

January 25th, 2022 - Windows 473.11, Linux 470.62.22

  • New:
    • Fully conformant [Vulkan 1.3]
      It would be nice if it was also implemented in tegra chips.
      Currently it’s returned Vulkan 1.2.131 context implementation.
      Thanks a lot .

That’s under planning, but no clear schedule yet. Thanks for asking.

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thanks you for answering that without your drivers there is no alternative to run vulkan on tegra socs.
Well, when you have the schedule or the implementation planning let me know

Edit : I see khronos page conformant Conformant Products - The Khronos Group Inc

Seems it’s only vulkan 1.3 conformants for Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit and Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit no other socs happen in right? .

Currently, yes.

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