Windows 11 (wmic.exe is removed)

Hi ! The workaround is also not working for me and get below error !!

“Failed to initialize the user session: Error: Command failed: cmd.exe /c wmic path win32_VideoController get name Invalid XSL format (or) file name.”

Running Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview.

It is better to wait for the solution from development team.

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when i clicked Restart Launcher for update, launcher didnt work now, before of clicking all working fine.
Omniverse Create works from .bat file in ov\lib\create-2021.1.1\omni.create.bat

Windows 11 Insider Preview 22509.1000 (rs_prerelease)

Any news for when this is gonna be fix?

Tried the workaround and it does not work for me as well