windows 7 64bit installation ... weird problems.

Hello all,

I have windows 7 64bit with Visual Studio express 2010 SP1 and windows sdk 7.1
I installed CUDA tools 5.5 and now seems to be ok.
I’m able to build the examples (for example scalarProd), but if I run a clean (from Visual Studio GUI) I receive this error:

nvcc : fatal error : nvcc cannot find a supported version of Microsoft Visual Studio. Only the versions 2008, 2010, and 2012 are supported

I’m able to compile it again… but why the clean generate that error? :-)

This is important because I’m trying to use THEANO python library, and I have the same nvcc error… (cannot find the compiler).

Any idea ?


It might be because Visual Studio Express does not have support for 64-bit code by default. See: for a workaround.

Here is an earlier thread with a similar workaround for an older version of CUDA for reference:

Alternatively, install the professional version – if you’re a student, you can get a copy for free directly from microsoft from