WinDriver GPUDirect new Feature

Jungo Connectivity WinDriver will start supporting the GPUDirect feature from the next version coming out in July. This new feature, currently supported only in Linux, allows Direct Memory Access (DMA) data transfers directly from your WinDriver-driven PCI device to an NVIDIA GPU (as opposed to a 2-step transfer: from the device to host’s memory, and from the host to the GPU memory), therefore highly improving transfer speeds and allowing integrating GPU-related applications with your WinDriver-driver PCI device.

WinDriver is a cross-platform compatible driver development toolkit for PCI/USB devices, that automatically generates a driver that is specific to your hardware. The toolkit enables you to access your hardware and implement your device functionality, without having to develop in the kernel mode.

The list of NVIDIA GPUs that currently support the GPUDirect feature can be found here:

Contact us if you would like to test WinDriver capabilities and this feature specifically, or send me an email directly to