Wine DXVK: Elite Dangerous Horizons issues

Hello I already reported this issue on the DXVK github but think this would be a better place since the issue is with the latest 415 branch of Nvidia drivers rather than DXVK itself.

Basically there appears to be a terrain rendering bug near engineering bases which is game breaking as the terrain covers the bases preventing landing/taking off. Due to the procedural nature of the game it uses compute shaders to generate planetary terrain, which seemed to work fine in Proton/Wine with DXVK up until and including 410.73 drivers.

I’ve included an api trace, don’t know if it includes the relevant information as the game fails to start when recording a trace with wined3d instead of dxvk.

I’ll also include bug report etc as soon as I figure out how to attach on here.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (1.06 MB)

As of 415.22.05 this issue still exists.

Update: Some additional info, this terrain bug appears to affect the Windows game ready driver branch (417) “but” on generations older than Maxwell.

Here is a Windows user with exactly the same issue:

For some reason this affects all generations of Nvidia GPU’s on Linux with the 415 branch.

I am experiencing the same issues with glitchy terrain generation as described above.

Using latest drivers in tandem with Proton on a 780Ti the game works fine in all other regards, but since 410 onwards I have experienced the terrain being deformed around Engineer bases (usually deep in a crater and clipped out / inaccessible)

I am happy to assist in troubleshooting if needed, but I suspect something has been changed in the drivers and it’s definitely not a hardware issue.

Update again: Latest beta driver 418.30 issue persists.

What’s more bug can be reproduced in the ED Horizons starter system (Bakers Prospect, Asellus Primus) which the starter base will appear to be inside a crater.

How this particular base is supposed to look like:

Yet another update, I’m hearing that this particular bug has been fixed on the Windows side with 418.81.

Is there any chance of the fix appearing in the next Linux driver?

I would like to add that I am affected by this bug as well. I see the same symptoms described above at Bakers Prospect, Asellus Primus.

I’m using a GTX 1050 Ti. I’ve tested with 396.54 (which works correctly; placing Bakers Prospect on the surface) and with 415.27 (which works incorrectly; placing Bakers Prospect inside a large hole).

We just released a new Vulkan Beta Driver 418.31.03 that contains a fix for a bug that would occasionally cause visual corruption on some Vulkan titles. This bug was particularly prevalent on DXVK titles. Please check if this new driver resolves the issues that you’re encountering.

Thanks, as mentioned on the DXVK github it is resolved.

Original issue was fixed but I currently still have two issues that might need a look at.

1/ Graphical corruption with “Bloom” setting on Ultra.

I’m getting a red square on screen particularly when mining in Icy rings.

Here’s a video showing the issue at 15 seconds in:

I did try recording an apitrace but that had additional issues at least on my end, here’s the trace but I think it may be a bit useless:

Reported it on dxvk github but considering it happens with older versions it may be a driver issue.

2/ Performance issues with Volumetric effects on ultra.

Severe performance degradation with this effect vs Windows, around 30% of the performance in some cases.