Wrong environment variable settings for nucleus-core-api?

I am reading the nucleus-stack-ssl.yml, and find in nucleus-core-api, the environment variable OMNI_NUCLEUS_DISCOVERY_SERVICE_DEPLOYMENTS looks a little strange.
The variable is for “discovery service”, but the value is set “core-api”?

Hello @markyqj! I will need some help from the dev team for this! I will contact them and post back here when I have more information.

Hi @markyqj. Here is the information I got from the dev team.

You should know that the OMNI_NUCLEUS_DISCOVERY_SERVICE_DEPLOYMENTS variable is very important to the core workings in Nucleus. So you may not want to fiddle with it too much. (And yes, it is the correct variable name.)

It means: “YAML string to use when registering this deployment of Nucleus Core API with a Discovery service.”
(Take note of the variable mentioned above OMNI_NUCLEUS_DISCOVERY_HOST)

Take a look at our Nucleus Architecture documentation for more information!

Understand! thanks for your explanation.

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