How To connect to a existing nucleus server

I uninstalled omniverse and deleted all files from my computer of omniverse and then i reinstalled omniverse but before i uninstalled omniverse i had a nucleus server and all of my projects were there are my projects are deleted are i can connect to those project 🥶🥶😢😢

Hello @freepik19! Yes of course. If you created a Nucleus server and saved all of your files to it, it is saved on the cloud. All you need to do is log back into your server. You can connect to your server at any time by doing the following

Connect to Navigator by navigating to http://localhost:34080 in a browser. Log in using ‘admin’ or ‘omniverse’ for both the username and password
Installation — Omniverse Nucleus documentation

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Thank Your sooooo Much for saving my projects 👏👏

i am having trouble agian

@freepik19 , just a few questions.

It seems like you were running a local host server, is that correct?

Is this the server you kept all your project work on?

When you uninstalled omniverse and deleted all the files of your computer, can you be more specific about what you deleted?

With the images above, what exactly is the problem you’re having right now?

i deleted every folder related to omniverse like library data ect…

yes i am running a local host server


i created new nucleas account and logged in but there is nothing in the projects folder

the reason I uninstalled and reinstalled omniverse because I wanted to change the location of the omniverse

So unfortunately, because you deleted all the data as well as uninstalled omniverse, there is nothing left.

The only possibility is if you made a backup of the original ov/data/server directory before clearing all the data, you may be able to relocate the data.

Local host nucleus server stores the data on your local computer.

oh thanks for helping but… i am in a big trouble