Can't see project files after running Cleanup tool


I ran this:
Launcher Cleanup Tool — Omniverse Utilities latest documentation (

(I was having issues with USD Composer, it was recommended).

Made sure I kept all data when prompted.

After re-launching Omniverse launcher, I needed to reinstall Nucleus. Then I connected to my localhost, it asked to create a user, which I use the same details as before.

Now all my files are gone. Did re-installing Nucleus write over my data by any chance? Or is there a way of me digging up where it lives locally?


Nick D

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Hi Nick,

Welcome to the Omniverse Community and thank you for posting.

As you saw, as part of the process of running the cleanup tool, there’s a prompt to keep your data or remove it. I know you mentioned that you chose to keep your data, however is there any possibility that you selected a different option? (This is a tool that we use in-house all the time and we’ve never seen an issue where data was deleted when it should not have been.)

Additionally, are you running this on Windows or Linux? If running on Windows, the default data path for Nucleus (unless you chose an alternative path) is c:\users[your_user_name]\AppData\Local\ov\data.
(If you are running Linux, please let me know and I will pivot and get you the Linux info from another dev machine.)

Can you check that location and see if there are any files in there from before you ran the cleanup tool?

Nucleus Workstation does not have any backup processes built into it, so if the data was accidentally removed, it’s not recoverable unless you are backing your workstation up to local or cloud storage.

Please keep me posted.


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Yeah, i think its gone. I’ll remember to do a backup first before messing with things in the future.