Accessing nucleus from a third-part app

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Is there an api that allows access to nucleus from a third party app? I am looking to send USD data from our own app which will then be loaded in Unreal using the provided connector. Looking at the docs, it looks like Omniverse Client Library is the way to go, but if understood correctly, it runs through kit which might not be available on our platform.

Hi @nladas! I am looking into this issue for you. In the meantime, this might help: KIT Overview — Omniverse Nucleus documentation & Kit Programming Manual — Omniverse Kit 100.2 documentation

Bumping this. I have the same issue. I would like to request a wheel or some other means to use omni.client as a stand-alone package.

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I ended up using ‘connect sample connector’ for my purposes, if that helps.

Yes, the client library usage is documented in the Connect Sample. Anytime you want to generate an application that talks directly to Nucleus, this is the sample to use :)


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