X Server freeze when creating window or switching focus (regression from 450.66)


Users of Godot Engine are experiencing issues recently due to a regression in the latest drivers (450.66).

We’ve had multiple reports of X server freezing every time a new surface is created in Vulkan, or when switching focus between windows.

The issue occurs with drivers 450.66, it’s fixed when downgrading to 450.57 or 440.xx.

Here’s the issue ticket on our side:

One of our contributors has investigated the callstacks when the freezing occurs. Here are the details in case it can be useful:

I’ll provide you with an nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file as soon as I can get one from a user who experiences this issue.


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Here’s a bug report log with drivers 450.66:
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (253.2 KB)

Note: The issue still persists with beta drivers 455.23.04.

Since it happens in the development version of Godot, you can reproduce it using the unofficial Linux nightly build: